ChemCup 2024 ・ June 18th ・ 12 to 9 pm

Thank you for participating in the ChemCup 2024!

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Special thanks to:

The Dean's Office for helping with organization,

the Technical Maintenance team for the transportation of materials,

Würzburger Kickers for providing the goalposts,

the sports centre for the rental of the balls,

the student council for rental of the music system,

and all helpers and referees for their support!

After all the costs were covered, we donated 500€ to Lebenshilfe Würzburg.


Rank Team
1 Boron Bandits I
2 Pipetboys
3 Hel10 Promille
4 DiTaktiker
5 Team Thullinger
6 FSC Orcanics
7 Eigenwert-Elite
9 Fischerman & Friends
10 Die Alarmberts und die Seibelwehr
11 Eintracht Frankführt
12 Boltzmänner
13 Nanonymous
14 Super BorRing Club
15 Finze Fireballs
16 Boron Bandits II
17 Die wilden Kerne
18 Arche Nuhn
19 Femto Sport
20 RiboKnights